Reservation System

1. Access to the reservation system is available only to authorized NTK Customers via NTK link or via an icon on NTK website.

2. To log in, enter your username and password used for login into the Customer's account.

3. Selection of study halls and consultants
Types of resources available for the reservation are displayed from the top menu (Zdroje dle typu = Resources by type). Type of resource means room or consultant you want to reserve for a given period of time (granularity). Make your choice of the desired resource within the timeframe offered from the displayed list.

Selection and designation of the desired reservation date
By clicking on the vacant term of the selected resource you can select the requested date and time of the reservation.

5. Mark the requested reservation
Select total interval of requested reservation (possibly over several fields) by clicking and dragging of the mouse. The selection is marked green. Confirm your reservation by double-click. The reservation is then marked yellow.

6. Confirm the selected reservation
The Customer is informed about the successful reservation on the screen. The reservation must be completed by clicking on "Potvrdit rezervaci” button (=confirm reservation).

7. Rejection of the reservation due to lack of money on the financial account
Reservation has been rejected due to lack of money on the Financial Account of the customer. The Financial Account is replenished by the Customer in cash at the Cash Desk in the Visitors Centre. The Customer may also collect the amount in cash there. Information on the Financial Account is available at https://

For questions and assisted reservation please contact the librarian.

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