1. System -> Administration -> Printing
  2. Server -> New -> Printer
  3. Menu Devices -> Network printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA
  4. Into field smb:// enter samba/prn_tisk
  5. Choose "Set authentication details now" and enter youe username and password -> Forward
  6. Select printer from database -> find "HP" -> Push button Forward -> from menu "Models" choose HP Color LaserJet 6040 MFP
  7. From menu "Drivers" choose "HP Color LaserJet 6040MFP Postscript [en] (recomended)"
  8. In the window "Installable Options" push button "Forward"
  9. In the window "Describe Printer" set Location "NTK v Praze" and push "Use"
  10. On request "Would you like to print a test page?" push "No"


  • Send the document to the printer, from the menu of step 1, select added a printer (eg HP Color LaserJet 6040MFP) and view the print queue (right mouse button or CTRL + F)
  • If your documents are in the queue in "Waiting for authorization",   right-click and select "Authorize". Enter your username and password and click OK.
  • The requested document should be sent to the print queue and print you can choose it from any MFP in NTK.


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