Conditions for the assignment of an ISSN

The Czech ISSN National Center assigns an ISSN on the basis of written requests on the pertinent form and evidence that the publication has already been published or is being prepared to go to print. Therefore the publisher must send, together with the request, one sample issue (of a title that has already gone to print) or a copy of the title page, masthead or, as appropriate, the cover of the prepared publication. The assigning of an ISSN is free of charge. The ISSN center will enter the record into the database after the first edition or volume has been published.

It is possible to assign an ISSN to a serial, if it conforms to the following definition:

  • It comes out periodically under the same title with no predetermined conclusion. 
  • It is issued in parts, single issues or volumes with numerical or chronological markings. 
  • The publication satisfies the requirements of the printing act No. 46/2000 Coll. as amended. 
  • The publishing house of the serial publication has its residence on the territory of the Czech Republic; the residence must be listed in the masthead. 
  • If the publication is concurrently issued on two and more different formats (on paper, CD, diskette, internet, et al.), each format will be assigned its own ISSN. 

An ISSN does not need to be assigned in every case – it is unassigned, for example, to the following types of serials: 
Inserts and advertising titles, crossword puzzles, business catalogues, titles with narrow local subject matter (e.g. community, town and school bulletins and the like). These resources are not assigned an ISSN even in cases where it conforms to the common definition of a serial. 
The Czech ISSN National Center has been given full competency to assign or not assign an ISSN by the ISSN International Center.  
Notice: An ISSN can be used to create an EAN/UCC 13 bar code according to ČSN 97 7116.
The check digit of the EAN/UCC 13 bar code.

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