Culture at NTK

The NTK library is an open space for communication. It is open not only physically but it enables thoughts to flow free as well. The building itself is the product of a global collaboration of architects, engineers, designers, artists and theoreticians, and is meant to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience and to inspire a feeling of liberty.

The building's central work of art was created by Rumanian artist Dan Perjovschi, with curatorial production by the P.A.S. Association. It offers not only an aesthetic experience enhanced by the spirit of criticism end a sense of humor - it also emanates and provides an incentive to think.

Where else but in such a space might artists inspire science and technology inspire artists?

NTK's atmosphere thus stems from a direct interaction between architecture and a specific approach towards its visitors: an area with open architecture demonstrates a newly defined, open approach to people and to the arts.

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