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NTK Gallery opened on the same day as the new NTK building, on 9/9/2009 as an integral part of the Library's offerings. Since that time, a number of exhibitions have been held in the gallery, focused mainly on the interconnection of contemporary art, science, technology, and the presentation of architecture. Due to the gallery´s location – within the university campus – a considerable number of students´ projects have been exhibited here as well. The NTK Gallery has hosted several group shows involving exhibitors from abroad, including: Body Limits – an exploration of the relation between human physical dimension and new technologies; Fenomenon Game – considering apects of gaming as a social phenomenon; Last Utopias´ Shadows – contemplating the relationship between architecture and ideology; PBBK80 – a prestigious show of works by leading Czech artists linked to the post-modern generation; Velocypedia – a comprehensive presentation of art, design and social activism in the context of cycling and sustainable transportation ... and last but not least, Librarianism – an exhibition about libraries and the way they are created. The exhibition Contemporary Czech Painting (2012) was an intergenerational probe into women´s paintings and concurrently a reflection on mechanisms of power in the history of art construction. Besides these exhibitions, the NTK Gallery has cooperated with a number of institutions and entities in the field of culture and science which has resulted in exhibitions on new, interesting topics. Both visitors and media reacted vividly to the fifth annual festival Enter: Datapolis, hosted by NTK for the first time in early 2011. Famous Villas in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, prepared by the publishing house Foibos, also garnered widespread acclaim.

Exhibitions designed by students of arts or architecture are also an important part of the NTK Gallery agenda. Graduation or diploma thesis projects by students of the CTU Faculty of Architecture are presented in NTK on a regular basis. The Theater Institute has held two ambitious exhibitions in the NTK Gallery. Breaking Space represented a selection of the ten best scenography projects recently put on stage. Beyond Banality  dealt in depth with the topic of the architecture of European theatre buildings. In conjunction with the festival Archiweek, Beijing Central Axis was also shown.

Additionally, the building´s main floor is open to the public and offers an additional area for exhibitions at NTK. Examples of exhibits hosted here include the young designers´ competition, Young Wrapping; a students´ competition, Leaden Dušan; and the international figural painting show Figurama, among others. Both exhibition spaces have receive critical acclaim among the many visitors and in the Czech media. The NTK Gallery's curator is Mr. Milan Mikuláštík.


Galerie NTK
Technická 6
Prague 6-Dejvice

Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 10.00 - 6.00, Sat 10.00 - 4.00

NTK Gallery curator: Mr. Milan Mikuláštík, milan.mikulastik@techlib.cz, tel.: 420 773 653 825

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