NTK Continuing Education Center

The NTK Continuing Education Center offers its services not only to NTK staff, but also to its clients and others. It organizes seminars, workshops and courses, including requalification training sessions and other programs intended to introduce both NTK and other organizations (e.g., educational or publishing agencies). The offering also includes educational events related to information technology. Laptops and internet access are available in the center, which also has speakers and a data projector.


The best way to get to the NTK Educational Centre is through the NTK3 entrance (address: Flemingovo náměstí N°1). From there, take the stairs immediately in front of you to the second floor.


Telephone: 232 002 478 or 232 002 477

Email: zdenka.klouckova@techlib.cz, skoleni@techlib.cz

Partnerships and Projects:

  • The Program "Public Information Service by Libraries – Continuing Education of Libraries´ Librarians" (VISK2) implemented as a cycle of theoretical and practical seminars:
    • Modern information and communication technologies in library science 2001-2012
  • The Education Section of the ULIW (Union of Librarians and Information Workers), successor of the Training Center for Continuing Education of Librarians in the Czech Republic within the framework of the MOLIN consortium
  • Continuous processing of the overview of library conferences, seminars, and educational events: http://www.techlib.cz/events/
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