Individual Carrels

Summer Semester Individual Carrels Rental Process Begins!  


The summer semester individual carrel rental process has begun! To rent a carrel during the semester, you must 1.) be a registered NTK customer; 2.) be a student, professor or researcher at a university, or institute of the Academy of Sciences (customer groups: A, B, AV, BV, C, CV, E, EV, F, FV; please ask if you're not sure what your customer group is); 3.) Provide proof of your temporary residence in the Czech Republic; 4.) Pay a fee of CZK 2,000 (including VAT) via bank transfer or by agreement in cash. This fee cannot be paid from your NTK financial account.


Individual carrels registrations for summer semester 2014 have been closed.


If there are more carrel requests than carrels available, NTK will  distribute them based on level of study (doctoral students, professors, and researchers having first priority) and random lottery.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Martina Jehlíková,, tel.: 232 002 473

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