ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an eight-digit code that distinctly identifies the titles of periodicals and others “serial resources” published anywhere in the world. ISSN data is stored in a reference base – the international ISSN Register.


What is the purpose of an ISSN?

  • You can use an ISSN in citations of technical journals.
  • An ISSN is used as an identification code for the requirement of computerized processing, searching and transfer of data. 
  • Libraries use ISSN for the identification and ordering of magazines, for the needs of inter-library services and union catalogues. 
  • An ISSN is the basic information used for the effective electronic delivery of documents. 
  • From an ISSN it is possible to generate an EAN/UCC 13 bar code for the distribution of periodicals.


Czech ISSN National Center

The Czech ISSN National Center is one of 88 national centers that make up the ISSN network. At the request of a publisher or library an ISSN is assigned to a print or electronic newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, conference proceedings, book series and other so-called serial publications published in the Czech Republic. Records are compiled about them in the ISSN national database and in the international ISSN Register.

The assigning of an ISSN is free of charge.


A publisher can apply for the assigning of an ISSN by filling out and sending of an electronic request form. Together with the request, the Czech ISSN National Center will archive a copy of title-page that shows the connection of the title with its pertinent ISSN number.



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