Those pages are for employees, students and customers of National Library of Technology as an information and tutorial for configuring internet connection. Wireless network in National Library of Technology is connected to international project eduroam.

If you study those pages carefully, you will receive all necessary information for configuring your computer. After configuration you should be able to connect to wireless network eduroam.

Table of contents:

Technical parameters:

  • SSID: eduroam

  • Technology: 802.1x

  • Authorization/Encryption: WPA+AES, WPA2+AES

  • Authentication: PEAP (EAP)

  • Connectivity: WiFi; IPv4; NAT; 2Gbps


  • At this time all public sectors are covered with wireless network. Exceptions are corridors, maintainance rooms and sanitary facility.

Basic information

  • Configure your internet connection according to your faculty tutorials

  • When your connection failed, try to configure wireless network according to eduroam tutorial

  • When your system doesn't support WPA2 encryption, please apply update number KB893357 from 29th April 2005

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