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The National Library of Technology (NTK) is the largest and the oldest library of technical literature in the Czech Republic, with a collection of over 1.5 million volumes. Its primary function is to provide specialized information resources and services to students, teachers, and researchers in the fields of engineering and applied sciences, but also to people from the general public interested in technical information.


Housed in a modern, ecological building situated in the heart of the Czech Technical University’s Dejvice campus, NTK provides an ideal environment for studying to students and scholars. The library offers individual and team study rooms, classrooms, self-service printing and copying services, an after-hours study room open when the library is closed, reference services, and—last but not least—330,000 freely-accessible volumes of scientific literature (and over 800,000 in storage), 1,200 print journals, and access to over 50,000 electronic resources and hundreds of eBooks. In addition, the library serves as a social and cultural center, with frequent lectures, educational tours, events, and exhibitions. 


NTK is an ideal meeting place for everyone, with a spacious ground floor, the Prague 6 branch of the city’s Municipal Library, a computer store, and a pleasant café. The Czech University of Technology (CTU) and the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) bookstore is also located here. NTK is also a supporter of teaching institution, and (among other kinds of instruction) provides excursions, internships, summer schools, and continuing education courses.


NTK offers a remote access to approximately 18,000 electronic journals in the fields of technology, science and medicine for students, educators, and researchers from more than 70 universities, the Institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and other large libraries research organizations. It is the largest provider of such services in the country. The library also provides direct delivery services, enabling patrons to order electronic versions of articles from journals, of public domain books, and of grey literature (that is, various types of reports, dissertations, corporate literature, etc.).


NTK Interior At the national level, the library manages the National Repository of Grey Literature (NUŠL) and the Czech National ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) Center. NTK also provides nationally-accredited reeducation courses in the field of modern library services as well as expert consulting services.

The library integrates its activities with neighboring universities and research institutes. ChemTK, the recently established association with the Institute for Chemical Technology Prague’s Center for Information Services and the Scientific Information Center of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, allows for integrated library and information services. In October 2013, an agreement on cooperation was also concluded with the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.


If you become an NTK patron, you have the possibility of accessing selected online databases and other electronic resources. Detailed information can be found in the Library Regulations.

The National Library of Technology is located in the heart of the Czech Technical University campus in Prague 6 - Dejvice. Construction of the current building began in Autumn 2006 and the library opened to the public on September 9, 2009. The new building is also home of the Czech Technical University Central Library.

History of NTK

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